Thursday, June 17, 2010

poppycock and squirsh

long time, no post. a dear friend of mine inquired about my blog and it's whereabouts. upon further investigation, i was surprised to find i had one...wheeze. with this discovery, i also found the present scribblings (for, the author's handwriting is quite dull) to be of a rather silly nature.

now, while i enjoy writing random snippets here and there, i mused to myself that this business of nonsense must be quelled at once. it is a rather serious offense and to those that witness it, well i'm afraid they would be very put-off, maybe even distraught!

so there you have it, my lords and ladies. This hogwash is for warts. :P

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Stow Steepy and Sodee

When you are this tired, no amount of caffeine will do. What it will do though, is send you to the bathroom 4x more than usual.

Took bus for first time b/c no train. Bus driver missed exit off busy highway and instead of taking the next, stopped, reversed (in spite of angry drivers and honks) and took the correct exit. Only in a bus, or semi, or yacht...

Fat Cat people. Awesome.


Monday, August 3, 2009

air bending

such a cool concept. i encourage everyone to watch avatar: the last airbender. i'm stoked for the movie to come out...the cartoon is amazing. i agree with brother jem that uncle iroh is probably the best character. jasmine tea.

Friday, May 22, 2009

We're there.

After an extremely long drive with some good friends, we've made it to our final destination:  Garfield, NJ.  woop woop!  Come visit, ANYTIME, doors are open, but locked, but open, but...well just visit and we'll let ya in :P.

But yeah, saw the fellas off Thursday morning...what awesome guys.  It's so hard saying goodbye to those that mean so much and are such positively good people.   These last few weeks have been hard, but I hope to keep many of the people I have met as friends.  I've met some of the truest and kindest people in recent years and am very lucky to have met them, but sad I won't see them regularly.

But now to the new life with the man and them kitties.  They're hot.  Turns out the ac isn't working properly and the apt is at 84 degrees right now.  I'm typing in the front hall by the basement, much cooler.  Cats are wondering among the breakers and cobwebs of the concrete room.  Long weekend ahead of us unpacking and such, thank goodness we have an extra day.

I think this counts as my first blog as I'm actually typing about stuff, not jibber jabber...I'm sure there will be more of that too though.

Well that's all for now, I'll try and remember to document some of the strange happenings that I'm sure the hubcap and I will experience in this strange new place.  Off to Italian food...mmm...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Concealed observations

I find it funny that my most recent view of my blog I find an ad to the left that is titled "Cat Spraying".  Interesting, fascinating, and gross...but still...very relevant.  My cats don't spray, well unless you count Belle's uncontrollable attraction to the shower mat.  Solution?  Hang it after every shower and run screaming.

Monday, October 6, 2008

you can tell

when a rhinoceros is about to sneeze...they will tap their front right foot two times, swish their tail, and pull out a tissue.

when belle is about to's a terrible sound, i'm hoping it will go away with tomorrow's visit to the vet.

when belle is happy...she purrs rather loud...and that's a wonderful a vespa engine.

when it's autumn...the leaves turn against their leader, who then turns against them, and they are banished from the blessed land hence forth to be trod on by mungrels and feves...every year.

when zach needs a shave...he scratches my face during kisses...but i'll still kiss him...

when lara needs a shave...she doesn't wear shorts...which she never wears...the national division of park services called, they want their forest back...

tally o!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


sleep's so fine,
i find it divine.

good night.