Monday, October 6, 2008

you can tell

when a rhinoceros is about to sneeze...they will tap their front right foot two times, swish their tail, and pull out a tissue.

when belle is about to's a terrible sound, i'm hoping it will go away with tomorrow's visit to the vet.

when belle is happy...she purrs rather loud...and that's a wonderful a vespa engine.

when it's autumn...the leaves turn against their leader, who then turns against them, and they are banished from the blessed land hence forth to be trod on by mungrels and feves...every year.

when zach needs a shave...he scratches my face during kisses...but i'll still kiss him...

when lara needs a shave...she doesn't wear shorts...which she never wears...the national division of park services called, they want their forest back...

tally o!